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O amor

October 12, 2008


“O amor e uma força selvagem.  Quando
tentamos controlá-lo, ele nos destrói.  Quando tentamos aprisioná-lo, ele
nos escraviza.  Quando tentamos entendê-lo, ele nos deixa perdidos e
confusos.”  (Paulo Coelho, O Zahir)

“Love is an untamed force.  When we try to control it, it destroys us.  When we try to hold it captive, it enslaves us.  When we try to understand it, it leaves us lost and confused.”

So what is left for us to do with love?  To let it lead us.  To let it be a guiding force that carries us through life in a peaceful yet passionate way.  To let it fill our souls so full that we have no recourse but to love those around us to keep ourselves from exploding – or imploding.

Most of all, what is left for us is to feel love.  To feel it hurt, to feel it heal, to feel it pick us up with wings and carry us to tomorrow when today seems too painful to bear.  To feel it build connections between ourselves and others, to feel it construct fortified bridges between souls.

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