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5 Things You May Not Know About Me

June 10, 2015

Here are a few fun facts about me that you probably don’t know. Some (like #1) you may not WANT to know, but they say a lot about who I am and what I value 🙂

  1. I only flush the toilet every other time I pee. I simply can’t stand the thought of using up three or more gallons of water just because I tinkled. I also take short showers and turn the water off when I shave.
  2. My opinions on anything from politics and religion to health and happiness are constantly evolving. I know I come across as unswerving, but the only belief that I truly hold constant is that I should always be working to better myself, my community, and the world around me. In that vein, I am always seeking new information on what kinds of practices are best and am open to changing even my most long-held opinions if the information I find is both convincing and sound.
  3. I’ve spent a significant amount of time abroad, having traveled to eight other countries (Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay) and lived in two of them (Mexico and Brazil). I’ve also traveled to 46 of the 50 United States and lived in four (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Montana).
  4. I feel a near-constant sense of imbalance in my life. I feel as if I have too much wealth and give too little of my money, time, and energy, which causes a certain level of discomfort for me (granted, I don’t have much control over my finances since I don’t earn a paycheck right now). The only two times in my life when this feeling subsided were when I served on a construction team in Mexico for three months and when I lived and worked in Lame Deer on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. In Mexico, I labored for 10-12 hours a day, six days a week, to build a clinic for disabled children; without the free labor, the community of Xochitepec never would have been able to afford the building. In Lame Deer, I lived very simply and worked daily at a job whose impact I could observe. If my husband would go along with it, I’d readily pick up our family and move somewhere to do missionary work—or at the very least, serve as a foster family at our home here in Laurel. If anyone in my area has ideas on more that I could be doing, I’d love to hear them.
  5. I’m a fervent Christian but I’m not sure if I believe that Jesus was really God’s son. I was raised by a philosophical father from whom I inherited the tendency to ponder all the myriad possibilities posed by the various religions along with a healthy does of rationality that just has a hard time believing in Immaculate Conception. But in my mind, it doesn’t matter; what’s important is that Jesus—whether he was the Son of God, a lesser prophet, or a figment of someone’s imagination—led a life that, if followed by the rest of us, could truly create heaven on earth. There are other traditions around the world, if followed by all, would create similar harmony, but since I was raised Christian (by my mother), I follow the life of Christ as my example.
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