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Not Natural

June 22, 2014

When you become pregnant, you become privy to a whole new world of female intimacy in which conversations about your body predominate. One such conversation covers the topic of hair and nail health, which receives a phenomenal boost during pregnancy thanks, assumedly, to the benefits of prenatal vitamins.

The first time I was engaged in this conversation during my pregnancy with Libby, I felt a little disappointed; my hair and nails hadn’t seemed any shinier or stronger to me. But after some reflection, I realized that my hair and nails had never been a problem for me—they were always healthy and strong. After still more reflection, I realized that my fellow pregnant females—along with many other Americans—have been duped into believing that having healthy, robust bodies is not natural and is not to be expected without the aid of some marketable pill or application.

The Standard American Diet has come under increasing criticism lately for its promotion of carbs and its demonization of fat. Researchers are finally realizing that what we’ve been told to eat for the last several decades (lots of carbs, very little fat) is making us sicker and weaker, much to the boon of the multi-billion dollar companies that make a fortune off of our poor health. Brittle hair? We have a conditioner for that! Stubby nails? We have a protein-rich serum for those! Too much belly fat? Try our metabolism-boosting miracle drink and watch it melt away!

While poor health has become the natural state of things in our society, it is not the natural state of things in the wild; in other words, it is not actually the natural state of things! Our modern way of eating and producing food has robbed our bodies of the nutrients that would enable us to do away with all of the commercial products we buy to try to make us look and feel vibrant. The reason so many pregnant women feel great (once they’re past the morning sickness, anyway!) is because they pay extra special attention to their health for the benefit of their babies; but what too many of them must not realize is that by paying that extra special attention to their health even when they’re not pregnant, they would be able to maintain their great hair and awesome nails in perpetuity, even without prenatal vitamins.

Because I believe the best nutritional advice available today comes from the Weston A. Price Foundation, an international non-profit organization devoted to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through research, education, and activism, I am going to put in a plug for its website (, which has a wealth of information about foods that make us feel robust and satisfied rather than lacking or deficient. Try following some of the dietary suggestions you’ll find there, and I bet within weeks you’ll begin to feel like a whole new you—like a glowing pregnant woman, even if you’re a man 😉


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