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The ingredients of a good night

November 1, 2010

I’ve been bummed lately because my boyfriend and I recently broke up, but tonight was the perfect night to lift my spirits.  It was preceded by a pleasant day at work, where my students all seemed to be in a giddy mood, joking and laughing about anything and everything under the sun–and maybe the sun had something to do with it since it was a sunny, 60-degree day on a November 1 in Montana.

After work, I drove down to Ashland to ride my horse.  Since daylight fades fast now, I hopped on without a saddle and rode into the sunset with hot pink streaks stretching across the coulees and creating dark silhouettes out of the pine-studded ridges.  I loped back to the corral when the light was nearly gone to beat the darkness and feed Gem some grain before heading back home.

As I pulled into Ashland, I decided to stop at the Hitching Post to pick up some chicken strips for dinner.  When I stepped inside the homey restaurant, I was greeted by two of my students, one working at the counter and another eating dinner with her family.  I love that about small towns:  no matter where you go, when you go, or what day of the week you go, you are sure to run into someone you know when you go uptown.  I chatted with my student who was working at the counter while I waited for my pick-up order, then introduced myself to my other student’s family before heading back to my car.

On my way back to Lame Deer, I pulled over on the flat to eat my dinner on the hood of my car underneath the plethora of stars that blanket the Montana night sky.  The Big Dipper extended over the northwestern horizon and Casiopia shined through the middle of the milky way.  I couldn’t find Orion yet–I think he doesn’t appear in the sky until later in the night at this time of year because I’ve seen him flickering in my window when I wake up in the wee hours of the morning.

Now I am at home preparing a pot of rice and beans for dinner tomorrow since my evening class keeps me from cooking on Tuesdays. I still miss Beau but I feel content and happy to be here in this moment 

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful day Cori. Way to embrace the blessings.

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