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Small world, in a sad way

March 25, 2010

A few weeks ago, I wrote an entry about how interconnected the dispersed communities of southeastern Montana are.  This entry speaks to the same connectedness, but on a sad note.

This morning a woman died in a car accident near Hardin.  I first heard of the accident from fellow faculty members who carpool from Hardin to Lame Deer every day for work.  Later in the afternoon, a student of mine, who is herself a teacher at Busby schools, told me that she got a phone call mid-morning informing her that one of her student’s mother had died in a car crash in Hardin.

When I returned to my office after my last class of the day, I received an email from our student services coordinator informing me that one of my students would not be in class for awhile because her sister had been killed in an accident this morning.

Hardin is 60 miles away, but the woman who died in the crash there this morning is linked to lives in Busby and Lame Deer, bringing a sadness to the reservation today.  Say a prayer for these lives – for the one lost and the ones affected.  I cannot share their names for privacy reasons, but I can tell you that the woman who died this morning was both a mother and a sister, and was surely very loved.

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