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March 5, 2010

Today the college closed to allow students and faculty to attend the state basketball tournaments in Billings, Red Lodge, and Miles City.  To give you a sense of how big a deal basketball is on the reservation, keep in mind that this is midterm week at the college and midterm grades were to be due on Friday – but since several of the high school teams from the reservation made it to the state championships, midterm due dates were pushed back several days to allow folks to attend the games. 

High school basketball is to the Cheyenne as high school football is to small-town Texans:  life revolves around it during basketball season.  As I headed to Billings on Thursday evening to spend the extra long weekend with my boyfriend, I smiled at all of the hand-made signs I saw posted along Highway 212 between Lame Deer and Crow Agency.  Names of the players adorned the signs in the colors of the various teams.  In Crow Agency, purple and yellow signs rooted for St. Labre players.  St. Labre is a Catholic school in Ashland on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, but since it’s a boarding school, many students from the neighboring Crow Reservation attend it as well.

At first I was a little miffed that the administrators at the college decided to close school for high school basketball games during midterm week, of all times, but as I drove past the signs and balloons attached to the highway markers, I realized I was glad that the college schedule revolves around significant community events.  So many places are losing a sense of community to the increasing demands of the modern world, including school and work, that it’s nice to know there’s one little town in Montana – and probably many more still like it – that recognizes the importance of family and community life.


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  1. It is also nice to know that a brilliant young lady from elsewhere took another step toward understanding WHO we are and therefore another step toward becoming one of us. When things don’t make sense at times you need to bend your mind in that direction to see what we see. And. YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND? Hmmm

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