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Large state, small world

March 2, 2010

Montana may be a huge state, and the size of my home-base radius (Lame Deer to Hardin to Billings to Laurel to Colstrip) may be larger than some entire east-coast states, but sometimes it has the feel of a single small town.

Prime example:  Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to a “Boycott Winter” dance at a bar in Custer, about halfway between Billings and Colstrip.  Although Custer is within my typical shopping/visiting/exploring radius, I hadn’t stopped at this tiny little town before; so before Saturday night, I didn’t know anyone who lived there.  Nonetheless, ten minutes into the evening, I ran into one of the veterinary assistants, Jill, who works at the clinic in Hardin, where I take Star and Sammy for their shots; Hardin, mind you, is about 30 miles south of Custer.  Within another ten minutes, I learned that Jill is married to the Crow fellow who fights bulls with my boyfriend in Laurel, which is about 70 miles west of Custer.  Later in the evening, someone approached Beau and I and mentioned that we’re the best dancers he’s seen at Montana Chads, a bar we frequent in Billings, about 55 miles from Custer.  And me, I live in Lame Deer, 80 miles southeast of Custer.  All of these people descending from all of these places onto one tiny bar in one tiny town.

I might live in a big state in a big country, but it still seems like a very small world


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