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How the West was fun

February 23, 2010

I have been packing life to its fullest lately. I’ve steered a little off of my contemplative course for now and am diving into all sorts of activities. Dancing (of course), snowmobiling, bowling, watching rodeos, seeing movies in theaters (gasp!), working my ass off Monday through Friday (teaching, taking graduate courses, serving on countless committees)… and I’m loving it! When summer comes, I will probably wind back down to my quiet evenings watching the sun set and the stars come out after taking nice long evening horseback rides, but right now I’m getting restless – winter has kept me in the house for long enough!

I’ve been reading Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert before bedtime each night, and I find my life and my thoughts frequently lining up with hers. A few nights ago, I read the following line, a morsel of wisdom offered up by a sage she befriends in Bali: “To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.”

To me, the quote could refer to love for another person or simply love for life; either way, to lose oneself to the joy of a moment, to fall off kilter for the sheer thrill of it, is part of maintaining a healthy and vibrant spirit. And let me tell you, my spirit feels very healthy and vibrant these days.

The beauty of living out in the middle of nowhere is that I have to drive for hours to get anywhere – which means that even if my schedule is packed to the hilt, part of the schedule involves driving from here to there, so I never lack time to reflect on life and to ponder its infinite curiosities; I am always able to maintain that balance.

So here’s to being a little crazy sometimes


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