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January 16, 2010

People keep telling me I have to see this movie Avatar that recently came out in theaters. I might see it, I might not. I only saw two movies – yes, just two movies – in 2009. I simply don’t have any urge to watch films; they’re not on my radar screen when I think of things to do with my evenings or weekends.

Funny how people find it so hard to believe that I don’t watch television or movies, while I find it so exasperatingly hard to believe that people don’t watch the sunset at night. I was thinking about that today while I was on top of Charging Horse Hill; it suddenly struck me that I’m always alone up there, the most beautiful spot in town, while down below hundreds of people are undoubtedly tied to the boob tube, which costs money, kills brain cells, and encourages cholesterol to form in every artery. Meanwhile, there are florescent colors streaking across the sky and illuminating the tops of hills that are healthy for the mind, body, and soul to walk, and that cost nothing to enjoy.

The more time I spend doing quiet, observant activities such as watching the sunset, the more content I am to do so. When I first started watching the sunset from up behind my house, I watched for a few minutes; then I’d watch for ten minutes; now I can watch for almost an hour and not fret about other things I could be doing or getting done. By letting my mind rest on such a precious picture, I AM doing something: I’m restoring my soul, bringing peace to my mind, allowing prayers to enter my being in such a way that I don’t even have to say anything – I simply feel my prayers, feel my love for this community, for my family back in Pennsylvania, for the Creator, for the pine trees and the sage and the song of the wind on the ridges. I truly feel at one with myself and the world, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

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