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Street dance

July 13, 2009

One of my favorite traditions in the West is the street dances held after rodeos and other big events. I’ve been to two so far, one in Miles City and one in Sheridan, and they are a BLAST. Main Street is closed off to cars from dusk ’til dawn and live bands play country and rock music for folks seeking good old country-western fun. Two-stepping, polka, western swing, bumping and grinding – you name it, some couple is doing it.

The Sheridan Wyo Rodeo street dance was especially packed. With barely any elbow room, couples were still managing to move in time across the “dance floor,” with laughter and smiles playing across their faces. I was grabbed into the mix by a random guy for one tune and he spun me around the crowd so fast that I could barely keep my hat on – in fact, on the last spin, a double spin, it flew off my head and came to rest on my back, the chin strap keeping it from getting trampled underfoot. Such fun!

I love watching people dance. It’s so great to see pure joy light up peoples’ faces when they jump and jive and spin to upbeat music, or when they close their eyes on a partner’s shoulders to the slow tune of a love song. It reminds me that we’re all really after pretty much the same thing in life: a little bit of attention, affection, and joy.


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