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Some days you gotta dance

June 1, 2009

There’s a Dixie Chicks’ song with the chorus, “Some days you gotta dance / Live it up when you get the chance.”

Lots of people were living it up last night at Montana Chad’s, my favorite bar in Billings.  A live band played rock and country music for a mixed crowd of twenty-somethings up to seventy-somethings, some with cowboy hats and boots, some with t-shirts and sneakers, and all with wide smiles on their faces.

I love to watch people dance.  It makes me smile to see other people enjoying themselves and their partners, especially the middle-aged and older couples whose bodies glide together in perfectly synchronized motion.  The younger couples are fun to watch, too, when they accidentally bump into each other and laugh off the missteps, which are bound to happen as they get used to each others’ rhythms.  I, being single and thus dancing with numerous guys, experience frequent missteps, too.  Every guy has a different style that takes a few steps to become accustomed to.  More than one guy commented to me last night that I was a good follower, though, so I must be catching on quickly enough!

One of the best guys I danced with was actually 70 years old, a retiree who keeps himself young by dancing with the young ladies, so he says   He knew all kinds of fun spins and kept a peaceful smile on his face through every dance.  I ended spending a good deal of time chatting with him and two divorced women who introduced themselves to me shortly after I walked in.  Now that’s a telltale sign of a friendly neighborhood:  women interacting jovially towards each other in bars.  It’s been my experience that women view each other as competition and act catty towards each other in social settings, so it’s been refreshing to have the women treat me just as amicably as the men in Montana.  I suppose with the low ratio of women to men in this part of the country (lots of men to every woman), no female has to worry too much about competition.

So… live it up while you get the chance!


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