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Morning light to star light

May 27, 2009

Today was a perfect summer day.  I woke up at 8am to make a big breakfast, then grabbed my cowgirl hat and drove over to Leroy’s to work with my colt.  I spent two hours in the round pen doing various exercises to get Gem ready for the saddle, including a bareback ride around the pen, then fed him a bucket of grains and listened to Leroy’s war stories before heading home for lunch. 

After lunch, I headed to Ashland, on the eastern edge of the reservation, to tutor Lia in math, after which I rounded up some of the Spang’s horses for a trail ride with Richard and Philippe.  On my way home, I stopped at Leroy’s again and watched him lay down a horse (done to let the horse know even on the ground below a human being, he has nothing to be afraid of), picked up a few roping tricks, then returned home to practice.  After shoveling down some leftovers, I headed up the hill with my pup to watch the sunset.  When I got back home, I still wasn’t ready to call it a day, so I laid down on the stone wall next to my deck and watched the stars come out, with my own Star lying on the ground next to me, enjoying the belly scratch I gave her with my idling right hand.  Crickets chirped, fireworks shot off randomly around Lame Deer (kids have been shooting them off every night for about a month now), and the smell of sage drifted in the cool air.

Finally, I gave in to my tired, sweat-and-dust-covered body, and entered the house for a shower.  Now I’ll prepare some bean dip for lunch with a friend tomorrow, then read an article or two from Horse & Rider before drifting off to sleep…

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