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Prime time nature

May 24, 2009

Tonight the sunset was overtaken by clouds.  As I stood halfway up the ridge behind my house, I watched an enormous, thick cloud progress across the sky from the horizon.  As it reached the sky above my head, the wind picked up and whipped the brim of my hat up and down in front of my eyes.  Ten minutes later, the cloud had passed to the east, and another layer of clouds protruded over the horizon to the west.  Briefly, a thin sliver of bright pink appeared between two layers of clouds before being eclipsed.

No matter that the sunset was not as brilliant tonight as it usually is.  The air was thick and damp with the scent of spring grass and sage, whose aromas were stirred by an earlier rainfall.  The smell of sage has perfumed the air since sometime in early May; day or night I can step out onto my front porch and breathe in its sweet, pungent scent.  Crickets chirp me to sleep every night and continue to sing throughout the day, a summertime sound that makes me smile. 

I don’t know if I could be happier.

My puppy, Star, is also living on a high.  She pounced all around the ridge while I watched the clouds shift above us.  When I called her back to me before heading home, she came running up with a horse’s hoof in her mouth; don’t ask me where the other three hooves are, or the horse.  It’s now her chew toy.

You all probably think I’m pretty lonely out here by myself, but much to the contrary, I find solidarity in the earth and sky and creatures around me.  Star, Gem, and I make a pretty good little family, and with plenty of friends in the community, I’d say I’m doing just fine.  I’m free to enjoy life, and enjoy it I do.


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