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Simple pleasures

May 7, 2009

Every night the sun slips almost imperceptibly into darkness – almost.  I save it from incognizance by hiking up my hill or peeking out my window at just the right time every evening to catch its brilliance as it sends colors splashing across the underbellies of clouds or streaking across a clear sky.  It’s like a secret reunion every night between the sun and I; it gives me a sense of solidarity with my surroundings that makes me feel a deep sense of peace and contentedness.

Nature’s been adding to this simple pleasure of mine for the past week by tossing in a late evening thunderstorm every night, so after watching the sun set majestically underneath the clouds, I get to lie on my bed and listen to the sound of rain drumming steadily on my rooftop.  I don’t need a book, company, or television to keep me occupied – I’m happy enough to just lie and listen to the raindrops for minutes on end, a smile kidnapping any other expression that might have been on my lips earlier. 

There’s so much joy to be felt from our surroundings; it’s a shame there are so many other distractions to obscure it.


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