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Hope in a sunset

April 21, 2009

Tonight while watching the sunset over Lame Deer Hill I lamented the time that so many people seem to spend indoors in front of computers and television sets, or in restaurants and bars.  Those are all nice things (except for maybe the television sets), but in very small doses.  Instead, I need very large doses of mother nature, and I would bet that others would benefit from it, too.

Rather than watch a sitcom at 7:30pm every evening, I pull on my hiking boots and trek up the hill behind my house to perch on a rock and watch the sun set.  I do this several evenings a week but I never bore of it.  Each night is a different show, with different hues and patterns.  Tonight, the sun lit up the underbelly of a streak of purple clouds in bright pink, while a glowing orange fringed the ridgetop.  The clouds extending from the horizon toward me across the valley carried the sunset almost to within reach of my fingertips, and the pink and orange coloring illuminated the horizon for 180 degrees, almost to the Eastern sky.  The more the sun descended, the sharper and more brilliant the colors became.

A second thought crossed my mind as I watched this particular sunset, a hopeful thought.  When I first set out up the hill, I had expected a dull sunset because of the thickness of the clouds on the Western horizon; I figured their density would obscure the colors I normally enjoy.  To my awe, the sunset turned out to be one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve yet seen in Lame Deer precisely because of the clouds.  The message?  Darkness, confusion, hurt, and any other painful emotions may enter our lives and block all signs to happiness, but if we keep moving forward despite not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, it will appear and it will be all the more brilliant due to the hope and strength we put into pushing ahead when we thought all, or even something small, was lost. 

We just have to believe

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