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February 2, 2009

I’m clueless enough to current events that I didn’t know until last Friday that the Steelers were going to the Super Bowl – me, from Pennsylvania, was informed by a family of Steelers fans on the rez.  They invited me to watch the game with them today in the social hall of the Catholic church in Lame Deer, whose deacon happens to hail from Pittsburgh.  The Braided Hairs arrived in full regalia, complete with Terrible Towls for everyone in the room.  I, not having any Steelers clothing of my own, wore a black shirt over a yellow tee.

Despite not being a football fan, I had tons of fun watching with the dozen or so family and friends who showed up for the big-screen showing (the deacon set up a projector screen for the game).  I joined right in on the cheering and yelling and nail-biting and found myself jumping up and down and giving high-fives to everyone at the end when the Steelers pulled it off in the final minute of the game.

I also found myself grinning at the unique setting:  a group of Montanan Steeler fans gathered in a church basement for a private screening of the Super Bowl.  If your conception of either American Indians or Catholics is one of quiet stoicism, you have a misconception.  Every time the Steelers made a first down, the deacon jumped out of his seat and made the referee’s motion for the play, and Otto practically charged the screen.  And the comments during the game and commercials reflected the sharp wit of the rez.  Like when Bruce Springsteen slid so far on the stage that he knocked into the cameraman, the deacon remarked, “I think he’s singing a couple of octaves higher now.” 

What a crowd.  And what a game.  It’s fun to take part in my own cultural heritage every once in a while – football, after all, is a uniquely American pasttime.  Despite the money and commercialism involved in the game, it does help to hold some of the fabric of our society together by bringing people together to relax and have a good time. 

Go Steelers

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  1. Hi Cori.  As I was watching the game with my Mom & Dad yesterday and both cheering with and razzing my Mom who is a huge Steelers fan…I couldn’t help but think back to Lame Deer and the folks I met there the previuos two summers who are Steelers fans.  Riding with the Spangs that first summer Rocky and I struck up a conversation because he was wearing a Steelers tee.  And somewhere along the trip someone else explained that the owners of the Steelers have traveled out and are friends with some folks on the rez.  What a connection that is.  It blew my mind.  And what a connection the game itself can provide.  I am glad to hear that there was community and celebration yesterday built around this and that you were enjoying it.  Thank you for sharing as always.  🙂

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