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December 6, 2008

Some of the other faculty members at CDKC seem to feel sorry for me.  One of them, who kindly invited me to spend Thanksgiving with his family, said after I offered him some bread I’d made one day, “You must be so bored up there if all you do is cook.”

But I’m not bored.  Every once in a while I’m not in the mood to cook or hike or read, and then I get a little antsy being up here by myself if my friends in the area aren’t available to hang out; but for the most part, I enjoy the time I have up here in the “house on the hill.” 

And I truly do enjoy cooking and baking all the time.  I love the engagement with food, with the textures, smells, and nutrients – with what I will later be putting in my body to sustain me.  And I like that I can listen to music or let my mind wander while I slice, dice, and stir.  Something about the whole process makes me feel centered and whole. 

So don’t worry about me all “alone” up here in this house.  I have my pup.  I have my thoughts, which I need time to mull over.  I have my dreams, which I need time to reflect on.  And I have a spirit that keeps me connected to the earth and people around me regardless of whether I’m with them or on my own at any given moment.  The time I have to myself simply allows me to keep myself glued together so that when I’m spending time with friends or with my students, I am able to offer them the full engagement and support of a complete, balanced person.


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