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Giving thanks for no more tears

November 27, 2008

I’m on my own this Thanksgiving; just me and my pup.  We’re cooking dinner together, her sitting at my feet chewing toys and bones while I stir the rice, nuts, and raisins simmering in a maple-orange-cranberry broth. 

I’m on my own, and I’m okay.  No tears, no longing, no lead in the pit of my stomach.  I’m absolutely, completely fine.

It’s so amazing to come out of years of hurt and uncertainty to find a feeling of happiness again.  I really feel as if I’m walking on air when I wander the hills of the reservation and the halls of Chief Dull Knife College.  I hum, I whistle, I smile.  The only tears I’ve cried in the past several weeks were tears of contentedness after horseback riding at Rowdy’s last weekend.  As I brushed the dust gathered in the shape of a saddle on Lester’s sides, I felt a sudden rush of peace that rose to my tear ducts.  Part of it was being around horses again, and part of it was feeling like me again.

Thank you Lord, Creator, the Force – whatever you are – for helping me reach this point, this place, and this peace.


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  1. You sound contented, happy and at peace. That’s wonderful. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving.

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