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November 22, 2008

Today was a gray day, but I stepped outside just now anyway to see if any stars had come out.  I was elated to see the sky shimmering with their bright light, so crystal clear that I could see each star, even the farthest away, actively twinkling.  I stood breathless for several moments while my own Star explored the terra firma beneath us.  Mom, I thought of you when I saw Orion suspended above the Tech Center to the south. 

These are the simple joys I live for.  A starry night.  The silhouette of a pine-studded hill against the evening sky.  The feel of crisp, cool air on my face and toes as I stand in my winter coat and flip-flops looking up at sights far more engaging than those on television. 

“People say beauty is only skin deep.  I say beauty does not pertain to skin.”  These lines are part of a poem I once wrote.  Beauty pertains to the mountains, the sky, the seas, and to the human souls they nourish.  Beauty is untouchable and indescribable, for it is not a thing but a feeling one gets when struck by the harmony of a soul or a sight. 


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