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Sharpening minds at CDKC

October 27, 2008

I’ve heard people say that CDKC’s faculty and staff are lazy; in fact, one individual warned me that I’d be wasting my time trying to make a difference here.

I am happy to report that these persons are WRONG.  It seems to me that most everyone here cares about their work and their students.  And because people aren’t overworked (which in my opinion is as much an evil as laziness), they have time for their students.

Last week I attended the Retention Committee meeting.  It was wonderful.  The committee meets weekly to discuss students at risk of failing or dropping out and to collectively brainstorm ways to help them stay in school.  Each at-risk student is assigned a mentor who meets with his or her student and provides encouragement and support. 

Maybe the faculty and staff aren’t doing extensive research or winning lots of grants, but that’s because CDKC is about something else.  It’s about creating and maintaining an environment in which students whose everyday lives are unfathomably difficult can take a step forward for themselves by advancing their education.  And that not-so-simple task takes a lot more time and effort than an outsider might think.

The feeling of community at CDKC is priceless, and an asset that not many other schools or universities have.  The faculty and staff know their students and make every effort to help them succeed.  And in many cases, that’s what students here need more than anything else:  someone to care enough to say “you can do it, and we can help.”


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