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Cowboys and cars

October 21, 2008

So my car broke down in Hardin on Saturday.  No mechanic shops open, so I called AAA to get a truck to tow me to Billings, 50 miles away.  No sweat.  It was actually a nice drive with a pleasant man originally from the Blackfeet Reservation.  In Billings, I spent three hours waiting for the car to be fixed, during which time I received a friendly hello from every salesman working at the Chevy dealership.  One of them, dressed in slacks, a shirt, a tie and a genuine cowboy hat, offered to buy me a soda.  I declined the soda but accepted bottled water

I’ve really come to embrace the inconveniences of living in a rural area.  They make me slow down, look around, and see people and places I otherwise might not encounter.  Like the cowboy car dealer.  I love that people bring their western styles into the workplace here.  Zane wears cowboy boots at the college on most days; today I almost mistook him for Michelle, the Dean of Academic Affairs, when I heard heels clicking around the corner (Michelle is notorious for her high heels). 

Life doesn’t always come easy, but I’ve found that if I take it in stride, it never seems too difficult, either.


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