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October 3, 2008

No, a chorus of rez dogs.  Almost every evening, an incredibly loud siren sounds out from somewhere across the road.  It lasts for about 30 seconds before winding down to silence. 

I believe the siren is intended to rouse sleeping firefighters to action – since there’s no cell reception on the reservation, it’s the only way to alert volunteers at their homes.  So it’s not a harbinger of good news. 

However, I cannot help but giggle when I hear the chorus of rez dogs that acts as back-up to the siren.  It’s as if the siren arouses every single dog on the reservation and they all start howling at once.  Even my own little Star sat bolt upright and began howling one night, her mouth forming a deep O at the top of her upraised snout.  It was rather adorable. 

I kind of like the occasional choruses of barking I hear on the rez.  It reminds me of Mexico, where dogs are similarly still connected to their canine instincts and where nightly choruses were the norm.  I always wonder what they’re communicating to each other when dogs across the city begin to bark in response to one lone howl emitted by another.  ?


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