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Wonders of the world

August 28, 2008

This weekend I’m going to Yellowstone Park.  It’s hard to believe that I now live only 3 1/2 hours from many of the world’s most amazing geologic features.  I’m sure to see countless breathtaking sites for which a camera will not do justice.

Yet I’m also looking at a breathtaking site right here in my own living room:  the sunflower I picked three days ago to decorate my table, which is still standing strong and beautiful in its vase.  Three days ago, and it’s still holding on to life with an astounding resoluteness.  It began to droop a bit yesterday, so I re-cut the stem ever so slightly to encourage it to take in more water, and within a few hours it was reaching back up towards the sun again.  Every time I look up at it, a sense of awe overtakes me. 

The tenacity of life never ceases to amaze me.

[I know you’re wondering, if life amazes me so much, why would I end it by picking a flower?  Well, I usually don’t, but this particular flower was growing off on its own, away from the cluster of sunflowers in my front yard, and when I walked past it this weekend, it seemed to call out to me, as if it wanted the honor of adorning someone’s home before passing away to the winter.]


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