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Jolly green grasshoppers

August 25, 2008

One of the many aspects of the Montana landscape that brings me great pleasure on a daily basis is its flying grasshoppers.  Do grasshoppers back East have wings?  I don’t recall that they do.  The grasshoppers here spring up into the air, then drift delicately back to the earth as you walk by them.  And they’re everywhere.  In the grasses (of course).  On my porch.  On my doorknobs.  They even hitch a ride on my car when I head back to the highway from Crazy Head Springs.  One or two daredevils – or perhaps runaways – inevitably make it the whole mile up the dirt road back to 212, and every once in a while, they’ll make it a mile or two down the highway, hanging on for dear life as they watch me through the windshield.  

I guess when you’re living on your own, benign little creatures in your surroundings become welcome friends.  They bring a new and literal meaning to the term “creature comforts!”


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