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Living the high life

August 22, 2008

I’m becoming more official every day:  I now have an office, phone extension, and email account at work, and my sheets, shower curtain, and dishes arrived by mail today.  Still no hot water, but, hey, I’m getting by.

Every time I begin to get frustrated by the hike down to the college for a shower – or the process of boiling water and bathing with a measuring cup – I look around me and thank God for what I have.  Some families in this community barely have a roof over their heads.  So many of the homes in downtown Lame Deer have broken windows, paper-thin walls, tarped roofs, and rotting floorboards that it’s a miracle their occupants ever survive the winters. 

I feel a bit embarrassed to be living in this gorgeous, warmly rustic home.  Why do I get to live here?  Because you can’t just give someone a new home, they have to earn it?  Because attracting highly qualified teaching and grant-writing candidates is a worthy use of a residence?  Or can’t you?  Or is it?  I grapple with these questions and answers. 

One thing I know for sure is that I am going to put every ounce of my effort into the teaching job I’ve been assigned.  If I’m going to be here occupying this beautiful space for a year, I’m at least going to do my best to earn it from the people whose land it is nestled on.  I hope it ends up being worth their while.


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  1. It will be, cara minha filha.

  2. It will be, cara minha filha.

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