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Bathing beauty

August 18, 2008

It’s amazing how creative and sustainable one can be in unusual circumstances.  I don’t have hot water yet and won’t for at least another week, so I’ve been bathing with a two-gallon pot of hot water and a measuring cup.  The measuring cup acts as a scoop for the water, which I use to moisten and rinse one part of my body at a time.  Four scoops for each arm, four more for each leg, and a dozen or so for the rest.  My hair just gets plunged under the freezing cold faucet – it’s too thick for any amount of scooping to wash!

I’m enjoying being on my own here.  Although I get lonesome at times, I find that I’m able to find pleasure in the activities I do by myself – fixing up the house, running errands, watching the sunset – without the need for company.  It’s a good break from the so-called real world, a chance to reconnect with myself after several years of turmoiled relationships and other missteps of varying shapes and sizes.  I’ve always wanted to spend a year doing something different and challenging, and this experience will certainly be both.  And rewarding.

But do keep in touch – I love hearing from people back home

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