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August 1, 2008

It just occurred to me this evening, as I took my usual walk up to the stream coming down from Pine Grove Mountain, that the invasive weeds nearly covering the stream are an apt metaphor for the past few years of my life. 

The weeds have grown at the same rate as the new desires and doubts that have come to overshadow my once clear perception of who I am and what I want to be.  There were no weeds in the stream bed when I graduated from college but slowly they have grown, covering more and more of the stream each time I come home to visit.  It’s become harder and harder to make out the stream below, just as it has become harder and harder for me to make sense out of my place in this world. 

But I can still hear the stream trickling below the canopy of weeds, and similarly, my heart still beats blood through my veins for the same reasons it always has:  to live, to learn, and to love.

I will find my way…. eventually.


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