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Well and good

July 24, 2008

After spending a month sleeping in a tent and taking showers in a public bathroom stall in Montana, the thing I missed most wasn’t my bed or shower but cooking.  What I wanted to do first and foremost upon returning from my summer adventures was to hunker down in the kitchen with salsa music in the background and make my own meal. 

Mmm, how I craved my rice and beans and squash and eggplant!  But the act of preparing them was what I craved most:  dancing around the kitchen while washing and chopping and stewing and sauteeing.  I absolutely love interacting with food and creating something flavorful out of a pile of ingredients; it makes me feel so content and in touch with life.  And it’s been a little while since I’ve felt that way.  So as I tipped my glass of wine towards my lips tonight, I gave a toast to myself and to feeling alive and well again.


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