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Last of Zen

May 23, 2008

I feel like a professor of mine who is infamous for his multiple “and finally”s in his lectures, so that there are at least four or five “final” thoughts before the lecture is “finally” over.  But this is really it – the last of my commentary on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  I really should be getting this book back to its rightful owner!

Consider this passage:

“The Church of Reason, like all institutions of the System, is based not on individual strength but upon individual weakness.  What’s really demanded in the Church of Reason is not ability, but inability.  Then you are considered teachable.  A truly able person is always a threat.”

Why do you think they don’t teach critical thinking in most public schools?  The government would be in pretty big trouble if everyone were able to discern what really goes on among the big whigs in this world.  The No Child Left Behind Act was probably designed to be so test heavy because the higher-ups knew it would be mind-numbing work that would distract students and teachers from real education and real learning.



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