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Routines, grumbling stomaches, and happiness

May 17, 2008

There’s something glorious about switching up from routine (and also something glorious in routine).  I woke up this morning – a Saturday – with grumbling in my belly as usual, but rather than descend for breakfast, something about the clear, sunny morning invited me to stay in bed and read for an hour first.  My tummy groaned a bit, but my spirit is quite content at having laid on top of my covers for an hour with an excellent book in my hands. 

From that book, a phrase I’d like to share:  “There is no enemy in love.”  I find this to be so true.  On days when I’m in love with the world and with life, I harbor no ill will towards anyone.  Grievances slip away into sympathies and I find no fault in peoples’ actions – only complex webs of background, upbringing, experience, and other factors that converge to cause action or inaction or misaction in people.

We are all trying to negotiate life as best we can and ultimately intend only to encounter happiness, no matter how circuitious a route some individuals seem to take to get there. 

It’s the simple things, mate, the simple things.


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