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More Zen

April 18, 2008

“One’s rational understanding of a motorcycle is therefore modified from minute to minute as one works on it and sees that a new and different rational understanding has more Quality. One doesn’t cling to old sticky ideas because one has an immediate rational basis for rejecting them. Reality isn’t static anymore. It’s not a set of ideas you have to either fight or resign yourself to. It’s made up, in part, of ideas that are expected to grow as you grow, and as we all grow, century after century. With Quality as a central undefined term, reality is, in its essential nature, not static but dynamic. And when you really understand dynamic reality you never get stuck.  It has forms but the forms are capable of change.”

This is how I’ve always viewed my future–as lots of daydreams and possibilities and ideas that are likely to change as I change and as the world around me changes. I unfold with life and follow my glass-half-full philosophy without knowing quite where it will take me rather than trying to force myself after a particular vision.  Like Jiminy Cricket suggested, I let my conscience be my guide.


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