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An attempt to be poetic…

March 8, 2008

More love, less mess

Someone died today
Did you know?
Someone cried tears
That could have been my own.

Had I been born in a different place
To a different race
I might not now have
Food upon my plate.

My child might be clinging
To a hopeless life
Of watching, feeling, and embracing
Guns and germs and strife.

That’s life,
We often say
But did we ever stop to think,
Does it have to be this way?

People hurt and people starve,
But if I hurt and if I starve,
Would I want others to say
That’s just the way things are?

Throw up my hands
It’s okay;
There’s nothing much
I can do today.

Build my house
With a hearth of stone;
Make my money
And call it my own.

But if I do,
I must know
That’s the reaction
Of a heart that’s only a fraction.

More is not less.
In feeling others’ pain
We also feel their gain;
More love, not less,
That’s the answer to this mess.


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