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It’s all in how you look at it

February 23, 2008

“Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”

~John Petit-Senn

Another fabulous quote.  Cyber Nation’s been sending me some good
ones lately.  This quote expresses in a slightly different way my
entry about loving life.  No matter where you are or what’s on
your plate, there’s always something to be enjoyed.  A sunny
day.  A smile from a stranger.  The moonlight.  The
rustling of leaves.  A place to call home, albeit small and

People I have met in the poorest corners of the earth are solid proof
of this approach to life.  Although the word “difficult” does not even
begin to describe their trials, I have never witnessed more warmth and
enthusiasm in people than I have in Sister Muhammad in West
Philadelphia, Senora Salas in Mexico, and Dona Zila in Brazil, as well
as countless others whom I have met on my travels and in my work.

I once wrote a quote of my own that I thought was pretty wise for someone
my age (I think I was about 17 at the time):  “Wisdom is not
knowing all things, but knowing that ‘things’ don’t matter.”

We don’t need material abundance; we need an abundance of love. 
And only without the distractions of so much stuff can we get down to
this, the real meaning of life.

It sounds corny–until you try it.


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