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Amherst underclass

February 17, 2008

I saw professional trash pickers in Philly all the time.  The
night before trash day, they’d come around and pull metal scraps and
glass from the curbside and load it onto dangerously high piles in the
backs of their pickups, which typically sported metal grates on either
side so as to effectively deepen their flatbeds by five to six
feet.  A friend and I even helped one of them one time after we saw him
trying to single-handedly load the old washing machine my friend had left on
his curb.

I just saw two trash pickers pull up to the dumpster and recycling bins
in the back of my apartment complex here in Amherst, MA, in the
so-called “Happy Valley” of Massachusetts.  They hopped out of
their faded blue pickup–which didn’t quite compare to the
innovativeness of Philly’s trash pickups–and pulled all of the glass
bottles out of the recycling bins as well as some items from the trash
bins.  They loaded their loot, tied it down with a string, and
pulled out.

The little things we don’t realize about our society…


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