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Feminists v. Feminism

January 30, 2008

Did it ever occur to you that feminists have suffocated feminism?

Think about it:  the only way for a woman to “succeed” in today’s
society is to act like a man.  Could you imagine a compassionate,
motherly woman rising to the presidency or becoming the CEO of a large
corporation?  “Female” jobs such as nursing and teaching are not
as valued as highly as “male” jobs such as internal medicine or
professing.  Women who want nothing more than to be a loving wife
and mother are viewed as unambitious.

I’m sure I must be generalizing, but can you see my point?  If
Hillary Clinton becomes the first female president of the United
States, it will only be a partial victory for women because she will
win based on her ability to play the game of politics the way men
do.  She won’t win by preaching peace or talking about the need to
care for our nation’s children; she’ll win because she is viewed as
being tough on Republicans and tough on terrorists (those being two
distinct entities!). 

On the other hand, if politics were played according to the rules of
femininity rather than masculinity, we might finally solve some of the
very serious crises confronting our nation and our world.


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