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Actions speak louder than words

January 29, 2008

“We’re always trying to win followers for our explanations of the
Universe.  We think that having large numbers of people believe in
what we believe in will turn our beliefs into reality.  That’s not
how it works.”

-Paulo Coelho, O diario de um mago

Petrus, the story’s narrator, goes on to speak of a wedding celebration
that is just that–a celebration and nothing more.  No one at the
ceremony or reception is trying to convince anyone of anything, they’re
simply celebrating the realization of their dreams.  “All of this
indicates that these are people who have fought the Good Fight of love.”

The truth (love) exists independent of the number of people who
discover it.  It’s not up to us to convince each other that love
exists and is a powerful force capable of conquering all
problems.  Rather, it is up to those of us who have discovered
love–love for the earth, love for ourselves, love for each other–to
celebrate it in all of its forms and to thereby give others the
opportunity to rejoice in its existence as well, in turn giving them
the chance to feel and discover love, too.

A person doesn’t teach love by talking about love; a person teaches love by showing it.


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