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Contentment is not okay

January 17, 2008

Funny, I recently wrote a journal entry about “peace,” and today I read
the following three signs of spiritual death according to Paulo
Coelho:  lack of time; certainty; and peace. 

I think what Coelho meant by peace, though, was contentment
When we become too content with our world as is, we lose the enthusiasm
to continually work towards something better–not just for ourselves,
but also for our communities, countries, and world.  Contentment
is why I left my home town:  I noticed myself losing passion as my
life became too routine, with little to stimulate, distress, and
motivate me.  I needed to shake things up and be in a place with
daily reminders of why it is that we need to keep fighting the good fight in order
to save our nation from the fate of the Roman Empire.  After all,
isn’t contentment what brought the Romans down, too?

I sometimes feel too content now that I’m out of Philly and back in a
college town.  It unsettles me and throws me off in all kinds of
ways.  I feel that something’s missing, and I know exactly what it
is:  reality.  College towns are like bubbles, and they drive
me crazy.  If it weren’t for my internship in Framingham, I think
I’d be going bonkers by now.  Although I will make the most of my
time in Amherst, I am looking forward to the time when I will once
again have a chance to immerse myself in reality and to use my energy
and passion to fight for positive, lasting change.

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