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Paulo Coelho believes — Do you?

December 31, 2007

I’ve always felt that small groups of committed citizens scattered throughout the world doing what they know is right and good for themselves and their communities are what will change this world–that their ideas, energy, and passion will slowly spread to larger and larger circles until one day the world really changes for the better.

It’s always exciting to come across others who feel the same way, especially when one of those others is a famous, well-read author whose wisdom is timeless.  I am writing, of course, of Paulo Coelho, and of the passage of his I came across today while reading the end of na margem do rio piedra eu sentei e chorei:

Tento dizer que existe um plano, uma batalha entre anjos, e que estamos todos envolvidos nesta luta.  Tento dizer que, quando um determinado numero de pessoas tiver fe suficiente para mudar este cenario, todas as outras — em todas as partes do planeta — serao beneficiadas por esta mudanca.

“I try to explain that there’s a plan, a battle between angels, and that we are all involved in this struggle.  I try to explain that, when a certain number of people have enough faith to change this [world], everyone else — on all the earth — will benefit from this change.”

We just need to reach that critical mass of people, and every individual who joins in the belief that this world can be changed for the better brings us one step closer to making that change a reality.


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