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Finding peace

December 30, 2007

More wise words from Paulo Coelho:

toda a sabedoria consistia em escutar a propria alma… “all knowledge comes from listening to one’s own soul.”

The problem, however, comes from the battle that drags on between the mind, heart, and soul, in which the mind–and the “Other”–often dominate. 

Being home for a week has helped me finally to quiet my mind for long enough to be able to hear my heart and soul  Being in nature, being in church (even though I’m not incredibly religious), and being surrounded by people I love has enabled me to reconnect with something I’d been out of touch with for years.  I think when I fell in love with my ex, I hadn’t yet learned that “she who loves must know how to lose herself and then find herself again” (more words of Paulo Coelho).  I lost myself to Paul and was on the verge of finding myself again when I returned from Brazil at the end of last January, only to have my dreams–and ultimately our relationship–rejected by him. 

For the past eleven months, I’ve been struggling to figure out what I want out of life once the pages of my future became blank again–but I was trying so hard with my mind to figure out what I wanted, that I wasn’t leaving room for my heart and soul simply to lead me in a direction.  I was trying too hard to figure out what I wanted to make happen rather than letting life happen.

Now, I finally feel that my mind has slowed down enough to allow my heart and soul to catch up to it; moving forward, I will allow the three to guide me together through 2008, taking the twists and turns that life presents to me and turning them into opportunities to learn, grow, and serve.



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  1. Amen is right – I am with you, sister!  Happy New Year!  ~Bray

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