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Does your nose ever itch?

October 15, 2007

You know how people say that if your nose itches, it’s because someone is thinking about you?

Well, I’m not quite sure that I believe in the nose theory, but I do believe that thoughts, whether in the form of formal prayers or otherwise, can influence happenings. 

Why do I believe this?  Well, for one thing, there have been
countless times in my life when I’ve been thinking about someone and
that person calls me that day, or writes me an email out of the blue,
or otherwise gets in touch with me after first being in touch with my
brain waves or energies or vibes, or whatever you might want to call
them, due to my having been thinking about them.  The reverse has
also happened, where I call or write to someone and they say that
they’d just been thinking or talking about me. 

Another example (the one that prompted this entry, in fact) is that I
received an email from my ex today after weeks of no contact; the
coincidence is that just last night, I also happened to have a dream
about him after weeks of not thinking much about him.  Did my
dream influence his contact, or was it he who was thinking of me first,
thus prompting my dream?  I don’t know, but I do feel confident
that one or the other influenced our correspondence.

This is why I believe, despite not being “religious,” that focused
prayer really can influence the outcomes of events, whether illnesses,
relationships, well being, etc.  The type of prayer that
influences events is much deeper than “Now I lay me down to sleep” and
“God, please protect my family and me.”  For prayer to really have
an impact–to really send out “energies” into the world, or to a
particular person–I feel that it must be focused and
concentrated.  The impact may only be in the form of a brief
moment of respite or peace experienced by the person for whom you are
praying at that moment, but this moment may in turn influence the way
that person proceeds with their day and, perhaps, their week, month,
year, or life. 

I do not believe in religions because I believe instead in the human
spirit.  I believe that there is some “force” (which could be God,
I suppose) connecting all of us to each other in some way that I can’t
quite explain or grasp, but that enables us to feel empathy, to feel
love, and to be influenced by positive (or negative) thoughts that
others have about us.  So think happy thoughts!  If nothing
else, it will at least make YOU feel better

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