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July 17, 2007

I just found out that the Senate bill that would greatly benefit the Katrina victims I met at Survivor’s Village is SB1668.  If you have the interest and the time, please call your senators to encourage them to support this bill; I just called mine.  Go to to find your senators’ local contact information (e.g.,  You could also write a letter to your senators to express your support for Katrina victims, especially if you have a personal story you could incorporate such as a visit to New Orleans or a family member or friend who experienced the hurricane. 

To change the subject completely, I’m really excited about life right now.  During my recent trip to Montana, I got back in touch with what I believe to be one of my life’s callings.  Being back on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, in a place with the perfect mix of culture, crisis, and natural elements for me helped me to reconnect with old passions and people and to take one more step past my separation with my ex.  Yes, things are looking very much up!


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  1. Kristian permalink

    I’ve enjoyed reading some of your thoughts about the various subjects you’ve posted here.  Knowing you take the time to journal and being impressed by that…and then actually reading your words and reflections…and being impressed for entirely different reasons are two very different things.  I’m glad I got to know you a bit out in Montana this summer and I’m glad to have gotten to know you a bit more from reading your words.  Please do get in touch when you are coming back thru State College in early August.  I’d love to see you and share some more time.

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