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Small world

February 24, 2007

You know how when you’re having a conversation with someone and they
mention some bizarre story about how they ran into some random friend
or acquaintance in the middle of nowhere, and you know you have a story
to top it but you can’t think of it in the moment?  Well, I can
never think of good stories in the moment, so I’m going to write this
one down this time.

Tonight I was manning an information table at an immigration benefit
concert in West Philly.  When I arrived, I needed to find out
which table was mine so I was directed to the concert organizer,
Nate.  As Nate indicated my table to me, we got to chatting about
how each of us became interested in immigration and I found out that
Nate had been to Paraguay.  I mentioned that I’d just gotten back
from visiting a friend in Paraguay who is doing the Peace Corps and
Nate responded that he’d been working for the Peace Corps there,
too.  When I told him who my friend was (Chris), he said he and
Chris had hung out often during the three months that their service had
overlapped.  Isn’t it awesome when coincidences like that happen?!

Anyway, I was really psyched to have run into someone who knows a good
friend of mine.  It makes the city–and the world–seem not so big.


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  1. Thanks for your response to my post! what you said totally makes sense. It’s quite the issue really, and I’ll definitely only be scratching the surface. Unfortunately, since I don’t (yet) know Bible Greek or Hebrew, I can’t get too deep into the “accuracy” of the translations. What I can look at is how things are portrayed differently in the two versions. For example, whenever the Luther version says “Kingdom of Heaven”, the other version says “God’s new World”. Pretty big difference if you ask me. But which one is right? Which is a better representation? I honestly don’t know if I can answer that yet. If ever… It’s easy to look back at the tradition versions and say they’re right and the new is wrong. Plenty of people are already doing that. But to understand the different points of view that underlie these different representations of God’s Kingdom… That’s more my goal. That too might not be so easy to attain. Definitely some crazy and complicated stuff, but super relevant. I’ll try to keep posting about it! Peace, and say hi to Paul for me!

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