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Paulo Rabbit

February 15, 2007

I’ve recently discovered the brilliance of Brazilian author Paulo
Coelho.  He’s Brazil’s best-selling novelist of all time and has a
huge international following.  You may have heard of the novel The Alchemist?  He wrote it. 

I’ve known about this guy for a long time but was never impressed by articles of his I’d read in Ode Magazine, so I thought maybe his reputation was a bit overblown–but boy was I ever wrong.  This week, I began reading the novel A bruxa de Portobello
(The Witch of Portobello), which I bought last month when I was in
Brazil.  Almost every single page has a passage underlined on it
and I’m four chapters into the book!  His understanding of the
human psyche and his observations on the human condition are
outstanding.  Take, for example, the following passage:

“Nao se consegue mais transformar as
acoes ordinarias em manifestacoes sagradas.  Cozinhamos reclamando
da perda de tempo, quando podiamos estar transformando amor em
comida.  Trabalhamos achando que e uma maldicao divina, quando
deviamos usar nossas habilidades para nos dar prazer, e para espalhar a
energia da Mae.”

Roughly translated:
“We are no longer able to transform ordinary actions into sacred
rituals.  We cook complaining about the waste of time, when we
could be turning love into food.  We work thinking to ourselves
that it’s a divine curse, when we should be using our abilities to
bring ourselves pleasure and to spread Mother Earth’s energy.”

On each page, I find myself amazed by a new insight.  If you don’t
read Portuguese, then I highly recommend looking for an English
translation of one of his novels.  It’ll be worth the read.

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  1. Ok, so at long last I have updated my blog… Check it out if you get a chance. Glad to see you’ve found a new author that you like!

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