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It’s cold

January 26, 2007

That’s right, it’s COLD.  Five days ago it was 110 degrees and now
it’s 10 degrees.  It’s amazing how one can hop from season to
season in a matter of hours.  On Monday I was in summer and today
I’m in the bitterest winter. 

The more I travel, the less strange it seems to me that in some places
it is warm and sunny in the middle of January; in fact, it seemed
perfectly normal that Christmas should happen as summer approaches at
the end of the school year, as a sort of kick-off to summer break, and
that January and February are the warmest months of the year.  Why

Although the extreme in temperatures underscores how far away I am from
my friends in Brazil and Paraguay right now, I don’t feel so
distanced.  It’s easy for me to picture the Santos’ heading to
Gramado for the weekend; to imagine Chris, Nayeli, Sarah, and Ruben
chilling (well, only figuratively!) on Chris’ back patio in Horqueta;
to think of  Raizes do Sul hanging out in Jean and Marta’s
apartment on Rua da Republica.  They’re only a phone call or an
email–or a plane ride–away.  And perhaps the real reason that I
don’t feel so distanced is because I know that I’ll be back again to
visit.  Argileu and Jussara; Rosani, Leo, and Antonio; Kelly and
her family; Jean, Marta, and Maria; Arlete, Henrique, and Carlos–they
are all part of my life now, even more so than when I left in
2004.  In 2004, I didn’t know whether I’d be back–I didn’t know
whether I’d keep in touch with everybody, or whether everybody would
keep in touch with me, but I did and they did, and now that I’ve seen
them for a second time, they’ve assumed a permanent place in my
heart.  Porto Alegre has become my home away from home.  Ate a proxima visita, entao…


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