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January 12, 2007

So I´m in Paraguay now.  Despite the incredibly long bus rides it took to get here to northern-central Paraguay from Porto Alegre (22 hours total), the beauty of the surrounding landscape took my mind off of the gnawing throb in my legs.  Soy fields, tall grass fields, palm trees, mango trees, grapefruit trees, lime trees and banana trees extended as far as the eye could see across the flat landscape, creating a lush mixture of innumerable shades of green.  Occasionally the scent of flowering bushes would waft into the open bus windows, bathing us in a delicious aroma. 

On the ride from Ciudad del Este to Horqueta, I sat next to a teenage girl and what I judged to be her little sister, who slept on her lap for the first several hours of the ride.  As the older girl slowly drifted into sleep as well, loosening her hold on her sister, the younger girl´s head came to rest on my arm, her dark curly hair resting softly on my skin.  Even though I had to go to the bathroom really badly, I waited until the girls stirred, not wanting to disturb the little girl´s sleep.  Watching her head on my arm made me smile and feel at peace.

Chris, his girlfriend and I are off to make lunch.  I´m sure I´ll have plenty of more adventures to report about the coming few days as Chris and I traverse Paraguay, a country the size of California for those of you unfamiliar with this little-known nation´s geography.


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