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September 11, 2006

Political rhetoric makes me sick, absolutely sick.  It’s like a
tub of movie-theatre popcorn:  a whole bunch of fluff smothered
with fake flavoring to make it palatable. 

I want to vomit my popcorn every time I hear President Bush address the
nation.  He sounds as confident as only God should sound if He
exists, making the United States out to be a valiant savior spreading
“freedom” and “democracy” around the world.  Excuse me, but don’t
freedom and democracy involve choice, not force? 

And I am sorry, but the United States does not have a monopoly on
either freedom OR democracy.  We may be free to run our
environment into the shithole with our lifestyles if we so choose, and
we may be able to think whatever we please, but when it comes to
speaking out about our beliefs, we are branded as radical, unpatriotic,
or “for the terrorists” if we disagree with our country’s current
foreign policy.  Our politicians are not interested in discussing
the issues, only pushing them.  They’re not interested in
listening earnestly to their constituents, only in picking out those
constituents that agree with their personal positions.

The United States also does not have a monopoly on the human spirit,
which Bush claimed at the beginning of his presidential address this
evening (the only thing that made his address “presidential” was that
the president was reading it).  He had the nerve to say that the
solidarity and support expressed by the American people post-9/11 is
“uniquely American,” as if other people in other places are incapable
of reaching out to one another in times of trial.  He makes us out
to be a nation of angels when the rest of the world sees only
Lucipher–and herein lies the true danger of Bush’s rhetoric:  he
is hiding Americans from the true sentiments of the rest of the world,
leading us to believe that we will eventually be thanked for wreaking
havoc in the Middle East in the name of freedom rather than be bombed
by the increasing number of anti-Americans in the world. 

No, America is not yet safe or secure from the “evildoers” because some
of the world’s most notorious evildoers are at our country’s helm.

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