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Change is good, I suppose

March 20, 2006

First, before I delve into updates about my life, I highly
recommend watching the following music video for two reasons:  (1)
to get a good laugh; (2) to get a glimpse into modern American Indian
life.  The link comes from a wonderful lady on the Northern
Cheyenne Reservation who is very proud of her heritage but who also has
a great sense of humor (as most American Indians do, as evidenced by
the video).  In her email, she wrote the following about the song:
It is a song that we consider hilarious because on the reservation
low income families receive a variety of food items that are called commodities.
One item that is cherished is the big block of cheese that comes with the rest
of it. Because we have all been recipients of commodities at one time we joke
about having commod bods. You will like the song.”

As for me, I’ve experienced some changes in the job department
again.  Due to Horizon House’s incredible capacity for
disorganization, I’ve been bumped from my position as a math teacher
for their Education Plus program.  I was deeply bummed at first
(haha, that sounds really funny–“deeply” should be used with a much
more poetic word than “bummed”), but in terms of scheduling, the change
will actually be better for me since I’ll now have more flexibility to
travel to all of the weddings Paul and I have been invited to this
summer as well as to plan our own big day.  I’ll also be able to
help out the Adams’ in their garden in the mornings, something I’ve
been hoping to do again since working with them as part of Dr. Yapa’s
Philadelphia Field Project in 2002.  

I’m still disappointed that I won’t get to continue teaching math,
which I was having so much fun doing, or to continue to work with
college hopefuls; I will, however, be teaching Adult Basic Education
classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings instead, which will be an
equally rewarding learning experience.  My new supervisor, whom I
met this morning, has told me that many of the students who will be in
my class are African immigrants, which is exciting.  I hope to be
able to incorporate assignments that enable them to share their
cultural heritage with me and with each other.

In other news, I’ve started horseback riding again, much to my
delight.  My friend Leorah, whom I met in Teach For America and
who lives up the street from Paul and I, is also a rider and discovered
this wonderful farm across the river in New Jersey.  The owner is
letting me ride as much as I want to on the weekends for $150 per
month; not bad for riding fees.  Leorah and I have been going out
on both Saturday and Sunday for the past several weekends.  This
past Sunday we spent five hours at the farm, going on a relaxing trail
ride for the first hour, then changing our mounts for a more
challenging ride for another hour.  We took our time in between
rides, soaking up all of the time that we could to groom, tack, and
talk to the horses and to leave the barn neat and tidy in our
wake.  I’ve finally found something that makes me excited to be in
the Philly area!

I suppose I should sign off now before my entry begins to look to
overwhelming to potential readers.  More to come at a later date…

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