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December 5, 2005

More ways to feel empowered…

I thought of a few more things to add to my list of things that I
already do to make the world a better place after I shut down my
computer last night.  I want to share them here not as a way of
glorifying myself, but rather as a way to show those of you who may be
discouraged by the immensity of the world’s problems just how easy it
is to feel empowered.

Take short showers
Don’t dump half-full cups of water down the sink (I leave it to drink later–water doesn’t spoil)
“Let it mellow when it’s yellow” (“flush it down when it’s
brown”)–some people might think this is gross, but urine is supposedly
pure and flushing the toilet is one of the largest domestic uses of
Don’t shop at Wal-Mart or Exxon or other companies whose labor and/or
environmental practices I know to be particularly horrible; in fact, I
don’t shop much at all–I try to stay satisfied with what I already
have, such as the 14-year-old CD/tape player I still use
Smile at people on the street–receiving a small expression of
compassion is often enough to make me feel more relaxed and confident,
so I imagine it does the same for others

Doing these “little” things makes me feel good about myself; it makes
me feel like a conscientious citizen doing her part to make the world a
bit better by her presence.  I may not be changing the whole
world, but I’m doing what is within my power to do, which is the most
that anybody can to do.  If everybody viewed their power to contribute in this way, I believe that the world would be
changed.  Many of us are just so overwhelmed the grand complexity
of world problems that we seek only grand solutions–but really, it’s
the small, everyday choices that we make that have the biggest impact
on the way the world runs.

If anyone reading this has any other suggestions for little things we
can do that ultimately make a big difference, please feel free to share
them; I’d love to add more positive practices to my list!

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