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December 4, 2005

I want to challenge myself to respond to my own call to action. 
Below is what I think I already do to help alleviate social ills, and
below that is what I think I still could do to make my contribution
even greater (or even less, in the case of negative impacts my
lifestyle has on the world around me).

What I do

Live in a small apartment (consumes less energy, occupies less space)
Turn the lights off when I leave a room
Turn my computer off when I’m not using it
Voice my opinions (writing letters to congresspersons, signing petitions)
Walk, bike, or take public transportation whenever possible
Eat my leftovers
Pack my lunch ( = no waste from plastic trays, boxes, wrappers, etc. from bought lunches)
Carry a water bottle with me, filled with water from home, rather than buying bottled water
Save scrap paper with at least one blank side to use for taking notes,
writing lists, making calculations, or leaving notes for others
Purchase local and/or organic products and produce whenever possible, even if they’re a little more expensive
Keep in touch with family and friends, including old ones (people feel happy when they know they are loved and remembered)
Keep informed (NOT just via mainstream media)
Work for someone who advocates on behalf of an underserved, oft-abused population

What I still could do

Volunteer more often (I have a lot of time on the weekends that
I don’t always know what to do with now that my life isn’t consumed by
Donate some of my clothing
Make my writing more public again (that is, start writing letters to the editor again)
Be more vocal about my opinions with people who express an outlook that
seems ignorant or inconsiderate to me (I often let such comments slide
by when I don’t know a person well)

These are just a few things, and I’ll try to think of more.  I’d
like you to notice how simple many of the actions on both lists
are.  It doesn’t require violent revolution to initiate change; in
fact, I would argue just the opposite:  that silent, simple
revolution is what ultimately leads to lasting change.


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