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December 4, 2005

“What is my role in this?  What am I doing to keep this going?”

These are the questions that a general’s wife asked herself during the
Vietnam War after she began to see the news of the bodies piling up in
South Vietnam.  She spoke them on a PBS documentary called Two Days in October, which Paul and I just finished watching.

The film was powerful.  It was powerful because it contained so
many parallels to the situation we find ourselves in today with the War
in Iraq, only with one key difference:  the masses of angry
protesters descending on campuses, capitols, and news channels across
the country, claiming their responsibility to voice their vehement
opinions to the failing war. 

I look around me today, at the campuses and t.v. stations crowding
Philadelphia, and ask myself, Where are those of us who disagree with
the War in Iraq and want our soldiers home?  Where are the masses
of student and citizen protestors who should be descending on our
representatives and demanding a
strategy for withdrawal, not just complaining that there isn’t
one?  What is our role in this?  What are we doing to stop
this war… or are we only keeping it going?

I think it is essential that we ask ourselves these questions, and not
just about the War in Iraq, but about every injustice we face. 
What is our role in world hunger?  What is our role in rising
levels of greenhouse gases?  What is our role in teen violence, and what can we do about it? 
Is our role one of passive acceptance of current situations?  Or
are we working to stop these injustices, whether by reduced
consumption, volunteer action, or groundbreaking research?  What
do you want your role to be? 

Please decide–and then do something.

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